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Columnar Basalt Rock
Basalt Columns were formed as lava flowed and continued to pour out, one flow covering the next. In some areas, the lava cooled very slowly, allowing crystallization and the formation of these beautiful columns. Basalt can be used interchangeably in most applications where granite or other stone is found.

Size and shape vary:
Diameters range from 12” up to 30” 
Lengths from 3ft to over 20ft long.

The core of the columns is a dark Basalt with an outer skin which initially is bronze, and as the rock weathers, its color lightens.

Your imagination is the limit for column rock uses:  

Landscaping accents                                                       
Water fountains and features
Fire Pits and features
Retaining walls                                                                    
Sign Posts
Fence and gate posts
Entry Feature
Building corner posts

“Dish rock” hae a naturally-occurring, bowl shaped depression that is perfect for bird-baths, bubbling fountains, or other decorative features. Dish rocks range from 12-30” diameter, and are typically shorter in height, ranging from 8-24”; occasionally a dish rock is up to 48” tall.

Different grads of rock available and multiple price-points.

We sell wholesle, in bulk quantities; preferably full semi-loads.
We ship column Nationwide, by brokered freight.

We do not cut, drill, or polish the rocks. Some of the pictures are representative of what others have done with the rocks.

• Hearth and Mantles
• Stairs
• Seating for fire pits
• Mailbox holder
• Flag pole base
• Engraved address rocks
• Development Entrance and signage
• Decorative Lights
• Monuments